Symbol of Adirondack Winter 2012 – the Micro-Spike

Symbol of Adirondack Winter 2012 - the Micro-Spike

Pictured above are MICROspikes® , a mini version of crampons for use when the ground is covered in ice but one needs to go outside.  They are easy to put on and off over any standard boot or shoe and are much handier to use than crampons. They have been a life saver and have helped me cope with this year’s Adirondack snow drought. The warm winter weather has frequently yielded no skiing and icy treacherous conditions for hiking or just going for a walk.


  1. Gail Hewitt

    what are these?

  2. teleskiqueen

    Lucky you that you don’t know what these are…..they are mini-crampons that slip on over boots and shoes so I don’t kill myself when I have to go outside!

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