February Adirondack Snowstorm – Better Late Than Never

February 2012 Snow at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ

The beautiful snow covered driveway at Adirondack Lifestyle Headquarters.

The Adirondacks have finally been blessed by the snow gods. I am more than tickled pink to report we received approximately six inches of heavy wet snow overnight here at Adirondack Lifestyle Headquarters in Lake Placid. Although the surrounding mountains are still obscured by cloud cover, reports claim more than ten inches of snow fell at the higher elevations.

But wait, there’s more. The Adirondacks are currently in the lull between storms.  A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Adirondack region starting tonight and is in effect through Saturday morning!!  A few of the two dozen forecasts reviewed say we could receive up to 16 additional inches of white nectar of the gods.

Did I mention, Yippee!!!!

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