Adirondack October Snowstorm in the Forecast

Snow at Adirondack Lifestyle

At least three of my favorite weather sites are predicting measurable snowfall for the Adirondacks this week.  My fellow ski-obsessed friend, Lionel over at Famous Internet Skiers (FIS), is definitely getting his stoke on, comparing this storm to getting a “Full Size Candy Bar” at Halloween,  while maintaining scientific objectivity about his forecast.  The more subdued meteorologists at Accuweather are calling for a “Northeast Snowy Trick or Treat,” while the hard-core scientists at NOAA are simply saying, “Snow likely on Thursday.”

I, on the other hand, who has never claimed to be a scientist and therefore do not hold myself to a dispassionate science-driven standard, am waxing up the skis.

For the record,  today’s blog post title is evidence of my latest attempt at pragmatism:  it took a great deal of self control to refrain from using my favorite punctuation mark related to snow.  As regular readers of Adirondack Lifestyle know, I get rather jubilant about the prospect of the first real snowstorm of the season!

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