Hog Wild in the Adirondacks

As you can see in the video, hogs have gone wild in upstate New York. According to officials, a couple of farm pigs escaped from captivity a few years ago and are now living in the wild. The swine are also enjoying the easy pickings of local farm crops where they are doing a great deal of damage. As the famous moose-whisperer turned wild hog expert explains in the interview, piggies reproduce very quickly and thrive quite well in the Adirondacks.
They’ve also been known to attack humans.
As if scary coyotes yowling outside my windows, bull moose in the rut, and visiting cougars stalking me on trail runs isn’t enough, now I have to worry about being attacked by a wild boar.

At least playing outside in the Adirondacks keeps me on my toes!


  1. hideawayhill

    Many, many years ago on a dirt road in the Crown Point area, there were 10 or 15 of these running along side of my car (with my dogs inside going nuts). No one believed me.

  2. Eddie

    Hahah, “If we don’t, ummm, get rid of them…”

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