August Adirondack Autumn

August Adirondack Leaves
Fall has arrived in the Adirondacks!

OK, not really. But the time to think about getting ready for ski season has arrived and, as you can see in the photograph, the leaves are already changing. The photo was taken earlier this week on a hill-bounding trail run - sounds like fall to me.

Technically, it is still late summer in the Adirondacks. For skiers and fans of exercising outside however, this is one of the most majestic, or august, months in Adirondacks. This is the time of year when many die-hard skiers start thinking about ski season. It is therefore the time of year when I can start writing about skiing! After all, we could be skiing on the Whiteface Memorial Highway in a mere 10 weeks.

This does not mean Adirondack summertime fun is over. Au contraire – summer is now even more fun because the chilly nights of August are great for sleeping, the biting insects are dropping like flies, and ski-prep exercises such as hill bounding at Whiteface Mountain or Mount Van Hoevenberg are followed by a refreshing dip in a sparkling Adirondack lake.

If you are interested in using these late summer days to get ready for ski season, take a page out of a local Olympian’s training book and head to the Adirondacks. August in the Adirondacks is the wonderful transition month of evening bonfires, eerie early morning fog rising off the lakes, and changing leaves without bus loads of leaf-peepers; all in addition to the sweet anticipation of ski season.

Summer Trail Running at MVH

Ski trails make perfect summer trail running.

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  1. Ann Melious

    Please don’t use the word “ski” yet! We who paddle are not ready for snow and ice.

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