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Swimming in the Adirondacks
If you think you love spending time outside, June in the Adirondacks provides the ultimate outdoor lover test. Level one of the outdoor lover test usually features crummy weather. June in the Adirondacks is an extremely wet and rainy month. Ranked as one the rainiest places in New York State for the month of June, the sun seems to depart the Adirondacks for 30 days.  Skis – oops - skies are gray even when it is not raining and temperatures are just warm enough to create Level two of the test.

As the name implies, level two of the outdoor lover test takes the avid hiker to the next level of tolerance. June in the Adirondacks also features swarms of four different varieties of biting, blood-sucking bugs. You have your standard mosquito, the famous black fly, the huge and incredibly hearty deer fly, and my favorite, the no-see-um. Managing diversity is often a challenge and the Adirondack bugs of June will give even the most serious outdoor lover pause. Mitigation is relatively straight forward when dealing with the first three types of bugs, but no-see-ums are a different story. These little buggers (hence the expression) are particularly torturous and challenging because they can fit through the little tiny holes in window screens and are attracted to indoor lights. As their name describes, these dreadful little creatures are almost impossible to see but their bite feels like pieces of burning embers hitting your skin. With no air conditioning, as is usual in the Adirondacks, one either gives up evening reading or closes all windows and curls up to read in the comfort of a suffocating warm and humid room.

June in the Adirondacks is a test for any outdoor lover. Although the wildflowers are beautiful thanks to all that rain and there is plenty of water for paddling, each year I look forward to the 4th of July weekend almost as much as I do ski season. The first week in July historically marks the return of the sun to the Adirondacks. Lakes and ponds warm up to swimming temperatures and the dry roads and trails are great for cycling and hiking.  If you survive June’s test, loving the Adirondack outdoors is easy.

Fortunately, July has arrived and it is too late to take the Adirondack outdoor lover test, but you can give it a try next year. In the meantime, take it easy and enjoy the Adirondack outdoors!

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