Short But Sweet Adirondack Hikes – Owls Head Mountain

Owls Head TrailheadHikers please note recent news: “Owls Head Trail Closed on Weekends.”

A perfect hike for children, puppies, and anyone who likes almost immediate scenic view gratification, Owls Head Mountain is a local favorite short and sweet Adirondack hike.

Located minutes from the Village of Lake Placid, the trailhead for this little rocky peak is found just off of New York State Route 73, east of Lake Placid about 3.6 miles past the Cascade Mountain trailhead.

Trail to Owls Head MountainTo start this 1.1 mile round-trip hike, take Route 73 out of Lake Placid for approximately 11 miles, heading down the hill towards Keene, and make a right at a sign for Owls Head Acres. From there follow the dirt road for approximately .2 mile when the road makes a sharp right and look for the small green sign marking the start.

The moderate .55 mile trek to the summit features great views of the surrounding Adirondack Mountains along the way and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Hikers can enjoy wild blueberries and surprisingly stunning views of Pitchoff, Giant, and Hurricane Mountains at the top of this sweet little treat.

Summit of Owls Head Mountain

The summit of Owls Head Mountain is a perfect spot for a snack and water break.


Pitchoff Mountain as seen from the summit of Owls Head Mountain.

The peaks of Pitchoff Mountain and New York State Route 73 winding up to Lake Placid, as seen from the top of Owls Head Mountain.


Cascade and Porter Mountains from Owls Head

Cascade and Porter Mountains, and the gulley between the two, as seen from the summit Owls Head Mountain.


Giant Mountain viewed from the top of Owls Head.

Giant Mountain viewed from the top of Owls Head.

A dose of Adirondack mountaintop scenery is a perfect addition to any perfect Adirondack day. For an investment of less than 90 minutes, a hike up Owls Head Mountain offers a short and sweet path to perfection in the Adirondacks.


  1. Brian

    Thanks for the tip, looks like the perfect hike to take the kids this weekend!

  2. John Fairhall

    It’s a beautiful hike — so much scenery for comparatively little effort. Wonder how it is on snowshoes. More suggested hikes like this would be welcome.–John

  3. Joann

    Yes, it is a great hike with awesome views for little effort. It is great on snowshoes – give it a try. In the spring I use micro-spikes for a quick workout. Highly recommended for beginning hikers as young as four years old.

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