Lake Placid Road Biking Report – May 2011

Road Cycling on the Adirondack Coast - Essex New YorkThe Town of Essex on the Adirondack Coast - a great place to road bike.

Last week’s dry and sunny 70-degree weather was a welcome respite for those who enjoy road cycling in Lake Placid and the surrounding area. Thanks to the local and state DOT crews who have been hard at work the last few weeks sweeping and hauling away the winter’s road sand and debris, thoroughfares throughout the Lake Placid region were ready for road biking and I was back in the saddle.

Although many cyclists have been on the road for 6 weeks in the Adirondacks, I allow the transition from skiing to cycling to linger and ski as long as rationally possible. Admittedly, I sometimes take skiing to irrational levels, but that is a story for another day.

As expected, road cycling in and around Lake Placid was great last week. Sand and debris however, are not the only things left behind by Adirondack winters. North Country roads routinely bear the scars from “frost heaves” in the form of holes and broken asphalt. Weather conditions this past winter were particularly conducive to frost heaves. It is therefore a wise cyclist who pays extra attention to road conditions and proximity of cars this road bike season in the Adirondacks. I noticed the Ironman Lake Placid course descent on State Route 73 through the Cascade Lakes is in poor condition. This is a very narrow, highly traveled road with a 55-mph speed limit; cyclists should ride single file and exercise caution. Click here for a look down the road from a cyclist point of view.

Have fun, ride safely, and let the sun shine!

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