Adirondack Rain Forest

Adirondack Rain Forest - Big Slide in the Fog
Today’s featured photo was taken early this morning from HQ at the apogee of my despair. I was hoping for a delightful weekend to kick off summer 2011 in the Adirondacks. It has indeed been delightful outside, for ducks.

The torrential rain continues to cause flooding throughout Northern New York and Vermont. Lake Champlain has been 3 feet above flood stage for almost a month and area farmers are having trouble planting their crops. Eighty-two acres of Porter Mountain in the Town of Keene, New York is sliding down the mountain at the rate of at least two inches a day. Homes have already been lost and more are expected to be condemned.

On the other hand, there are positive aspects to this year’s wet spring. The spring air is much more fragrant than in recent years. I had an exceptionally aromatic bike ride last week along the Au Sable River, from Keene to Au Sable Forks. The sun came out between thunderstorms and steamed the scent of newly blossomed lilac, apple, and mustard flowers into a heavy perfume, swirled by the breeze along the 30-mile route.

At the risk of repeating myself, it has also been a spectacular year for wildflowers. And unfortunately for humans but fortunately for birds, bats, and other insectivores, it is a banner year for insects. It has also been a banner year for rainbows.

Welcome to the Adirondack Rain Forest.

Adirondack Bluets

Bluets from the yard at Adirondack Lifestyle Headquarters.


  1. Harvey44

    Can’t control nature. Beautiful pics.

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