Yoga for the Adirondack Shoulder Season

Ziggy the Adirondack Lifestyle lab demonstrates a downward dog.

The atmosphere is a little calmer these days in the Village of Lake Placid. It’s April. In tourist town terminology, we have entered the ‘shoulder season.’ Despite the fact there is still a great deal of snow for skiing and riding in the Adirondacks, flowers are blooming elsewhere. Interest in snow sports has dwindled and along with that the number of visiting skiers and riders milling around town has also dwindled.  The hustle and bustle will remain at bay until June when the summer tourist season begins. Despite the non-stop hockey tournaments and scattered conventions and meetings, the energy this time of year in the Village is noticeably more tranquil than during the height of ski season or in the summertime.

A great compliment to this calmer Village of Lake Placid is also the perfect antidote to this year’s great but long ski season – a yoga class. I’ve often thought a perfect yoga class this time of year would be one designed specifically for skiers who have been skiing hard all winter, and Lake Placid finally has such a class! Although described as a class for skiers, bikers, hikers, and climbers, any yoga aficionado would enjoy the excellent instruction and gentle guidance of teacher, Tali Biale. Tali is currently teaching two classes a week in the Studio at High Peaks Cyclery, on Main Street  in Lake Placid. Saturday’s 9:30-10:40 a.m. class is billed as the class for athletes and Wednesday evening’s delightful Vinyasa flow class is from 5:30 – 6:40 pm.

Like most cross-country skiers who get out almost daily, my shoulders are pretty tired and tight by the end of ski season. Yoga in Lake Placid - a perfect solution for my ‘shoulder season.’

Today’s photo features Ziggy demonstrating his downward dog pose. Or downward puppy, in his case.

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  1. Sue

    That’s a fine looking plank position Ziggy is demonstrating!

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