Winter 2011 Lingers into April in the Adirondacks

April Snow in Lake Placid

One of the best winters for snow sport enthusiast in recent years, Winter 2011 won’t quit.  As you can see in this evening’s featured photo, it is snowing hard and looks quite a bit like winter here at HQ in Lake Placid.  Skiing anyone?


  1. Gillian

    Hurrah! We just skied into Santanoni last weekend. We’d love to fit in a few more trips before mud season!

  2. Frank Zweegers

    That much snow in April? Wow…

    When do you expect the summer to arrive?

  3. tourpro


    How was the snow on the road up there?

  4. Gillian

    There was plenty of snow on the road, tourpro – I’d say at least a foot of base left, a little soft, no crust. The only place it seemed to be getting thin was on the little wooden bridge right before you get to the camp – easy enough to clomp across.

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