You Must be Flexible to Enjoy Early Spring Living in the Adirondacks

Ziggy and the Sun

This morning’s five-degree outdoor temperature reading made it tough to remember the beautiful and fun 52-degree sunshine and wonderful corn snow skiing we enjoyed just last week. It is back to winter conditions in the the Adirondacks.  We enjoyed a white-out snowstorm here at HQ last night, complete with wind and cold. I will ski powder today on my cross-country ski outing.

The woodstove is humming and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.  I don’t see a temperature over freezing in the forecast until next Tuesday, so I’ve happily put on my winter tuque.  Skiing and sliding everywhere in the Adirondacks is great. The backcountry has plenty of snow and fresh powder, Lake Placid area cross-country ski centers are operational and in excellent condition, and Whiteface mountain is enjoying extraordinary spring conditions. The Slides have been open and offer great skiing because of the unusually deep snow pack.

Not too bad for March 25 in the East.

After 25 years of Adirondack living, I’ve learned one may as well be flexible and  enjoy this transitional time in the mountains.  Mother Nature and her whims must be endured - she wins no matter how much some might wish for 70 degrees and bike weather.  Besides, the snow always leaves too soon in my book.

Today’s featured photo shows someone who has no problem adjusting to the whims of Mother Nature, especially when it involves warm sunshine in which to sleep.



  1. Kat Hanna

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog! You have a terrif writing style and I can feel your passion come through for the North Country! Keep posting!

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