March Winter Storm Dumps 20+ Inches Snow on Lake Placid

After two days of warm temperatures and wind-driven rain, the cold air swept in and turned the rain to snow. A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the Adirondacks until this afternoon. So far, we have received approximately 20 inches of snow here at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ.


  1. Adirondack Chairs

    That sounds cold! I bet you can't wait for spring. In the south, we've had a few hard freezes, but nothing like the winter you've had. We just have to worry about tropical storms here.

  2. Jesse


    i was wondering if you could please post an update on the weather adn the snow conditions. i am interested in hiking and skiing mnt marcy. i live near saratoga springs ny, and the snow has pretty much all melted by me. thanks

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