Late March in the Adirondacks – Zero Degrees and Still Smiling

View from Home - Mount Marcy
I smiled when I heard this morning’s zero degree reading. The nice cold night and the sunny blue sky I could see out the window combined with the already excellent woods skiing held promise for a great day outdoors.

I am beginning to realize not everyone gets as psyched as I do when the temperatures during the last week of March are predicted to stay below freezing. A recent conversation with a family member who lives in the tropics of South Jersey reminded me flowers are blooming there and lawns are turning green, and some people actually like it that way. As I lamented the fact we had already lost some snow, although fortunately we still had enough for skiing, he was shocked and sorry to hear there is still a great deal of snow in the Adirondacks.  He is definitely not psyched about zero degree temperatures in March, or any time for that matter.

A word to the wise: if you don’t like the temperature to go below freezing after the first day of spring, you wouldn’t like living all the year round in the Adirondacks. You might find it interesting to visit or own property, but to live here all year you must accept a long winter that spills into spring.

However, if you are crazed about snow sports and enjoy spending time outside even in the cold, the Adirondacks will make you smile.

Today’s photo features this morning’s  zero-degree view from home with Mount Marcy in the distance.

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