Everyone Loves Yoga on the Dock in Lake Placid!

I enjoyed the company of the pictured dragonfly throughout my entire yoga practice on Lake Placid this morning. He (or she) was so still I was certain this prehistoric survivor had taken the name of our final pose, Savasana or corpse pose, literally. When I reached out to touch him however, he calmly lifted off the dock and lit on a nearby post, clearly wishing to be left alone to enjoy the view.
Click on the photo for a funny, close-up view of my mellow friend.

Photographs courtesy of Joann Sandone Reed


  1. Harvey44

    Yogini does look pretty chill. Humans are funny with bugs – some are scorned and some revered. The DF is in that second category for sure. Is that a macro lens or just a setting to get something so small in focus?

  2. Joann

    I used a macro lens on the digital camera.

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