Porch Time Returns To The Adirondacks!

An essential part of Adirondack living is outdoor living. That means it is frequently so nice outside you don’t want to go in the house, so you don’t. We are experts in spending time outside and squeeze in a little porch time whenever we can. It was a special apres-ski treat today when we dug the Adirondack chairs out of the shed for the first official porch time of 2010.


  1. Jess

    Love this! It's been so nice the past couple of days, I've been tempted to throw on a bathing suit and full-on sunbathe on our falling down deck. But I restrained myself. Plus, I'm still not over basking in the glow of our new wood stove. Oh, the difficult choices I must make.

  2. Joann

    Poor Jess, faced with all those new, difficult Adirondack choices! Such as which kind of LPPB micro brew will you choose this Tuesday?
    Good to hear you are enjoying the new stove.

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