Let It Snow + Let ‘Er Rip In The Adirondack Backcountry

Here is a quick Adirondack Lifestyle snow and ski report - it is snowing out like crazy - yippee! It appears we are back to normal winter in Lake Placid.  This evening’s cross-country ski excursion at the Olympic trails was a workout indeed. The snow is falling fast and heavy, just like it is supposed to be doing this time of year.  Breaking trail through the rapidly accumulating  sweet stuff was a pleasant hardship, and one I am ready to endure again tomorrow if necessary. We have received 18+ inches of snow in the last 36 hours and as tonight’s featured photo illustrates, it is still coming down! Check back tomorrow for a more detailed and a less exuberant report. Actually I can’t promise less exuberance, but I can promise more details.
Photo courtesy of Joann Sandone Reed.

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