Johnny Spillane Makes US Nordic Combined History

The United States won an Olympic medal for the first time in the history of Nordic Combined Olympic competition. Nordic combined athlete Johnny Spillane skied an impressive race to a silver medal. As a matter of fact, the U.S. has the strongest team in its history. Team USA placed 3 athletes in the top 6 with Spillane in second, Todd Lodwick 4th, and Bill Demong 6th. Demong had an incredible ski race today as he started in 24th position and finished 6th. It was an exciting race to watch. Unlike Super Bowl Sunday, the Winter Olympics is when I yell at the Tee Vee.


  1. Dave/Towns and Trails

    Wow, that was exciting. And Demong's performance was really inspiring… watching him close the distance on the leader's pack was giving me chills.

  2. Joann

    Yes, he really showed how strong his x-c skiing is in that race!

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