My Adirondack Olympic Prescient Moment

Photo Removed at request of Olympic parents.
Little did I know when I snapped a photo many years ago that the three boys in the center of an innocent image would end up on the 2010 Olympic Team. The children all competed in Bill Koch Youth Ski Races along with my son, Edward Reed, the rocket scientist.
Of course, I also didn’t know the type of people I was dealing with back then, although I know now. What a shame - too bad I don’t have those prescient powers in other areas of my life such as when judging the quality of a person’s character. Although, it all usually comes out in the wash.
I must admit however, the prescient powers of our American founders were even more impressive than mine. Consider this: as early as 1789 Thomas Jefferson realized the importance of free speech and proposed what would become the basis of our first amendment rights. At the time he had already given up his law practice; perhaps by that point he had a life.

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