Early Season 2009/2010 Whiteface & Adirondack Ski Report

The good news is the ground is starting to freeze in the Adirondacks. My trail run, on mostly frozen dirt and leaves, surprised me yesterday since it was a sunny 56 degrees according to the thermostat at the homestead. Night time temperatures have been quite cold; 20 degrees last night. This explains why, despite the unseasonably warm days we’ve had, the uninsulated ground is visibly freezing. The Olympic cross-country ski trails at Mount Van Hoevenberg are in great shape, anxiously awaiting their white blanket of snow to arrive and tuck them in for the winter. No, wait, that’s me who is anxiously awaiting the snow.
The snow men at the other Olympic ski venue,Whiteface Mountain, are busy making snow. Whiteface’s mid-station lodge is all spruced up, ready for the action slated to begin on Friday, November 27. Aaaand…..snow is in the forecast for tomorrow night - things are looking up! Stay tuned for the most current and obsessive Adirondack ski conditions on the web.


  1. Ali Blah Blah

    All I know is there better be tons of snow the weekend of Feb 6th when I get my annual manly man weekend with the guys to do some skiing. The Ubu will flow like wine.

  2. Joann

    Ubu is wine.

  3. Ali Blah Blah

    I was just making a play on words. It's beer though. Or Ale? Surely you go to the LP Brewery?

  4. Joann

    Yes, Ubu is beer, which I consider ale. I was making a joke too. I was thinking of Ubu's high alcohol content (7%) and that makes it almost like wine (~11%) in my book. Oh, yes, the pub is one of our favorite spots. The resident biologist is one of the original mug owners.

  5. Ali Blah Blah

    You are so lucky to live there! My parents have two houses up there. We get to go about 5 times a year. I'd love to open a small business up there and move there. Is Steinhoffs still for sale?

  6. Ed

    Ah yes, Ubu, the nectar of the gods.

  7. Joann

    Nice to hear you like it here too. If you are serious about moving here and starting a business or even telecommuting, we should chat. I just helped a couple achieve their dream – they are moving here from Boston and will telecommute, working for their Boston employer. Yes, Steinhoffs is still for sale, and they still have great french fries! There are a number of excellent values here these days, so let me know. In any case, thanks for following the Adirondack Lifestyle blog!

  8. Ali Blah Blah

    If I could telecommute from there to my work in Manhattan I'd be in heaven. Not sure they'd go for it. I love Steinhoffs. IT's part motel too isn't it? Seems like it just needs better or more PR. It's always slow when I go there. Is there an online listing of businesses for sale?

  9. Joann

    Yes, Steinhoffs is also a motel. I also work as a business broker, so if you'd like, you can email me directly at adklifestyle@gmail.com and I can help you find information on businesses and commercial property for sale. I do not have an online list.

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