Adirondack Blue Skies and Sunny Days

I woke this morning relieved to see the mountains were still there, looming in the sunny Adirondack blue sky at the end of my driveway. The rain clouds that moved in about six weeks ago had latched onto my faithful peaks and settled in for an extended stay. “But all the natives know when the mountain lifts her skirts, the view from home can flat out melt your mind.” (Bryan Bowers)
Today’s weather makes it easy to remember why I love living in the Adirondacks. Breezy and bright, it is too beautiful outside not to be there. But now the decision has to be reached on which Adirondack outdoor activity to undertake in order to enjoy this day. I could hike up one of the many Adirondack mountains or paddle one of the rushing rivers, freshly replenished by the recent rain. However, inspired by the 2009 Tour de France and Lance’s comeback, I am jonesing to get back on the road bike!


  1. TourPro

    It did turn out to be quite nice, and perfect for riding!

  2. Joann

    Yes indeed – on both counts!

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