In The Adirondacks it’s May Showers AND May Flowers!

It would be quite easy for me to whine about today’s gray and drizzly weather. I had planned get out on the road bike, but sometimes, like today, I am a wimp and don’t want to deal with the rain and splatter. But I’m not whining at all. I am happy to see the rain because it means we have a better chance to have even more stunning flowers and greenery this Spring and Summer. And I get to take advantage of the season and indulge my passion for Adirondack wildflowers by heading out on the trails later today, rain or shine. The Adirondacks are one of the reasons they make Gore Tex! In today’s photo slide show is the latest flower to make an appearance; White Trillium. Many thanks to resident photographer and biologist extraordinaire for today’s and these beautiful photographs of Adirondack wildflowers.

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