Can You Solve This Adirondack Mystery?

While skiing last Saturday at one of my favorite places, I encountered today’s featured photo. I also happened to see the perpetrator of the mess, totally unperturbed by my presence. This weekend was the very first time something of this nature was spotted in this particular location. Whoever guesses what the photo depicts and who did it, gets a special Adirondack prize!


  1. Gromit

    Moose scat?

  2. Joann

    Way to go Gromit! It is indeed “sign” from the moose cow I saw while skiing.

  3. Gromit

    I have never seen a moose in the Adks (I have seen them in Canada). What a great day that must have been for you!

  4. Joann

    Yes, it was really neat. She was not at all concerned with being observed.

  5. TourPro

    Huh, somehow I thought moose would be more….prolific.

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