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It has been noted here a number of times just how much the New York Times loves Lake Placid. Last week, however, I was pleasantly surprised to read an opinion from the other side. There was a very nice article in the Wall St. Journal also about Lake Placid. The writer does an excellent job capturing what it is like to live here. I was psyched to see my very own Italian teacher, Eugenio, quoted on how quickly one chills out after moving to Lake Placid. I like the way the author mentions the opportunities to volunteer and the sense of community we enjoy; it is true. I guess that makes it official; Lake Placid is a great place to live for those on the right or the left!

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  1. Russ

    now that I think about it having grown up here that as I look back through my formitive years there was little sense of partisan politics. I believe that many who live here do so by choice because and the beauty, solitude and athletics of our area keeps us entertained by varied seasons and a diverse populace who are more concerned about getting out and doing something like skiing, playing golf than getting all wrapped up in something going on out there and down the road somewhere beyond Keene Valley.

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