Quickee Adirondack Ski Report 1-21-09

It is one of those days in the Adirondacks. One of those days when it is just too nice out to stay in. Skiing is somewhere on the schedule today. The ski report is easy: awesome everywhere. It is amazing to consider how close the Adirondacks are to the mass of people living along the Eastern Seaboard, yet I can still find someplace to ski for hours without seeing a single person. I am convinced this is why my colleagues and I are still selling real estate; people feel better when they spend time outside. Today’s featured photo is this morning’s mind-melting view from home.


  1. Laurie and Chris

    Amazing picture. We have never been to the adirondacks in the winter. One of these days we will see those mountains covered in snow.

  2. City Mouse

    Wow! Stunning photo!

  3. Joann

    Never been in the winter??!!! Goodness, winter is one of the prettiest times of year here….check it out sometime.

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