Adirondack Moose Morons

If you are a fan of Adirondack moose or my blog, she says humbly, then you know moose are hard at work repopulating the Adirondacks with their massive species. As you might also be aware, there are some moose who, like many of us, seem to enjoy the wild and wonderful ambiance at Cascade Ski Touring Center and Knickers the cocktail spot, on State Route 73, just outside the Village of Lake Placid. As a matter of fact, just this past weekend, Ms. Moose was hanging around in her usual spot when the pictured horseback rider approached for a pet. Turns out, the horseback rider was lucky she didn’t get a stomp instead of a pet. Come on people. I’m no biologist, although I sometimes stay at a Holiday Inn Express, and I know better than to approach wild animals. Especially those animals who are about six times the size of me with sharp hooves and no English skills who won’t understand my cries for mercy.
As a public service, here are some moose watching guidelines courtesy of the resident biologist:

“Watch moose from a safe and respectful distance. Moose are bigger and faster than any person and give little warning before attacking a perceived threat. Cows are extremely protective of their calves. Bulls in the rut are unpredictable. No one should ever approach these animals no matter how tolerant they appear. Moose are unafraid, not friendly. A moose that decides someone has crossed into their “personal space” will knock down the offender and kick and stomp until the threat stops moving.”



  1. TourPro

    “hard at work”

    Heh. Some people (animals are people too) have all the fun.

  2. Laurie and Chris

    Oh my! I would have been scareed to death to go that close to a moose they are huge! What are people thinking?

  3. Joann

    Exactly – on both counts!

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