Adirondack Morning Commute

As I try to show in today’s Adirondack photo, it was a stunning drive to the office this morning. (Click on the picture for a better idea.) It is an “Adirondack Blue” day with morning temperatures in the upper 30s. Adirondack Blue, by the way, is a color I didn’t know existed until I moved here. There is actually a Ralph Lauren paint color called “Adirondack Blue,” and a potato named “Adirondack Blue,” and Roy Hurd even wrote a song called “Adirondack Blue,” as did Kevin Bacon. All that to say it is a delightful Adirondack Blue Fall day here in Lake Placid!

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  1. Laurie and Chris

    oh we can’t wait to see this in person again in a few more days.

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