2 Days ’til Ironman Lake Placid

As many of you know, Lake Placid will host the Ironman Lake Placid Triathlon this Sunday, July 20th. As you might imagine, it takes enormous effort and organization to put together an event of this magnitude and world-class caliber. And it is indeed a world-class event. Participants from around the world; 26 nations to be exact, flock to Lake Placid for the event. The competitors love the Lake Placid race. I have heard from serious and experienced Ironman competitors that Lake Placid’s bike course is the most stunning visually and the most challenging athletically of all Ironman events. Although I have never cycled on the other Ironman courses, I routinely ride our course and I believe the reports. The region’s citizens, for the most part like having Ironman here. The area is buzzing with activity as we get ready for the the event. Town is absolutely packed with competitors, supporting family and friends, media and spectators. I could feel the positive energy and a little bit of nervousness riding around on my bike yesterday as I took this batch of Ironman preparation photos.

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