Uh-oh…..the Northway is Bumper to Bumper!

I guess I didn’t realize what a big deal the nationally-televised PBS documentary on “The Adirondacks” was. There was an article in the NY Times about it that actually mentions the irony that if too many people like the Time’s writer came up, it would spoil the “idyllic backwater” that is the Adirondack Park. The author claims the documentary’s producers, “are clearly trying to drum up some business for the economically stagnant towns of New York State in the 6.1 million acres of Adirondack Park, the largest in the continental United States.” And, “Watching it, some city dwellers will want to gag….” These are the kinds of statements that I clearly do not understand. How about, the producers are doing the gagging city-dwellers a favor by showing them a real, live extraordinarily stunning place, on their TVs. How about, the producers have highlighted a special, pristine part of the United States, like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, that most gagging city dwellers don’t even know exists. I love writing this blog about how great it is to live in the Adirondacks, and yes, I want people to come and visit and buy property and stay in our hotels and contribute to the economy. Just like I do when I go to New York City, by the way. But if beautiful scenery and the peace people for eons have found in nature makes you gag, then you shouldn’t come to the Adirondacks. Today’s photo is the Spring view from home, which makes me smile, not gag.
On the other hand, here is an article about the documentary from the Washington Post that gives a more balanced perspective on the Adirondacks, from another outsider.


  1. City Mouse

    The Times is criticizing the corny narration and the “gauzy” production values of some of the special, not the Adirondacks as a concept. I am a part-time city dweller and a part-time Adirondack resident, and cornball narration makes me gag no matter which county I happen to be in at the time.

  2. Gregory of Troy

    I haven’t seen the piece yet, but I’m hoping to catch it soon! I love the ADKs and spend as much time as possible wandering in the great north woods!

    love your blog!

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