Double New York Times Kudos!!

Wow - there is another excellent article in today’s NY Times online about Whiteface and Lake Placid. In today’s article called, New York’s Overlooked Ski Resorts, the reporter discusses how New York’s ski resorts have an undeserved bad rap, especially when some folks compare Vermont resorts to New York’s, and think Vermont is the place to ski in the east. Hogwash I say. Real skiers are tired of that cowsey-wowsey schtick anyway. Reporting from the Village of Lake Placid, the Times’ Mr. Pennington says, “As snow fell, dozens of skaters circled a 400-meter skating oval in the middle of the village. While a lot of winter resorts offer skating, how many let you skate on the oval that was the site for Eric Heiden’s five gold medals for speed skating in the 1980 Olympics? And, yes, that was a pack of dogs you saw pulling a sled earlier in the day.” Once again, the Times does a great job reporting reality!

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