The Wilmington Office

I learned last night at our office holiday party, that my colleague at the Prudential Terry Horrocks Real Estate office and name twin, Joe, broke his own record already this season. No, it wasn’t a banner sales year for him in real estate. He broke this record at our “Wilmington office.” When I joined the Terry Horrocks real estate crew this past summer, Joe told me he spent most of his time during the winter at our Wilmington office, which confused me since I didn’t even know Terry had a Wilmington office and this is a small area, and how the heck could I have missed that? Turns out, the “Wilmington Office” is, of course, Whiteface Mountain, which is in Wilmington. And the record Joe broke already is that he’s skied 23 days at Whiteface so far this season, with 12 of those days in a row. Not bad for a guy who is on the over-seventy ski free plan!
Apparently, skiing is still great in New York State.
Today I will check out the Jackrabbit Trail here in Lake Placid, which is back country skiing lite, and return later with a picture and a post. In the meantime, for your entertainment, I posted a video of one of my favorite holiday songs!

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