It’s a winter wonderland in Lake Placid!

It is absolutely gorgeous here in the Adirondacks. As you can see in the photo, the view from home will melt your mind. We received around six more inches of snow yesterday afternoon and night, and the weather people say we could get an additional 18 inches out of the Nor’easter this weekend! The Village of Lake Placid, America’s Playground, is lovely this time of year since everyone has decorated for the holidays. The addition of the snow gives it a magical quality, especially at night. I took some photos last night in an attempt to capture how cool it looks, but, they didn’t turn out. So, here is a link to the video cams from the Olympic venues. The speed skating oval, where Eric Heiden won his five gold medals in the famous 1980 Olympic Winter Games, is in the Village, so that cam will show you a little glimpse of our Village of Lake Placid. By the way, bobsledders from all over the world are in town for the Bobsled World Cup that starts today. A batch of them were at the gym last night displaying incredible feats of strength! I guess you have to be extremely strong to keep it together while hurtling down an icy shoot at crazy speeds.

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