Sunshine and footprints….

It is another lovely day in the Adirondacks. The sun is bright and there is not a cloud in the “Adirondack Blue” sky. Mt. Van Hoevenberg (MVH) is still not yet open for the season, but the skiing is great. The sun seems intensely warm today, so we are losing the snow pretty quickly. That made me think about how strong the sun is and how, even here in the so-called grey and dreary Northeast, we can use solar energy. Which brings to mind all this talk about one’s “carbon footprint.” I do the best I can, but I don’t think I am the perfect eco-citizen of planet earth. If you’d like to decrease the size of your carbon footprint while living or second-homing in a beautiful resort setting, you should check out this house in Keene, NY. It is completely off the grid. It is very, very, cool and beautifully constructed. “That’s right, no electric bills - ever! A state-of-the-art windmill and solar panels supply the electricity to this home with an included in-line generator needed only sporadically in the dead of winter. Every time the sun shines or the wind blows — YOU’RE MAKING ELECTRICITY! Situated on 5 very private acres bordering Clifford Brook and affording lovely mountain views, you will never see a neighbor from this newly constructed, energy efficient home. The materials and workmanship throughout are of top quality – stainless appliances, custom cabinets, ceramic floors in the kitchen and baths, in-floor heat, granite fireplace and lots of hardwood, log and decorative Adirondack-style accents throughout. The detached garage includes guest quarters above and there’s also a summer bunkhouse that the kids will fight over. If you’re looking for that quintessential Adirondack home and are GREEN minded, don’t miss taking a look at this fine offering.” Let me know if you’d like to have a tour.

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  1. dfisk

    Carbon is not a greenhouse gas. Gore’s chart even showed that carbon does not increase global warming, and he admitted it in front of congress. In fact, the more carbon you throw into the air, the cooler things get. So, all these “carbon offset” companies that don’t really do anything, but still take your money are a sham. If you want to live “more green”, the thing to do is put solar panels on your house, drive an electric car, use building materials made from recycled or highly renewable resources (like use bamboo flooring instead of hardwood. It’s actually more durable, cheaper, and looks nice). Solar panels might not get you completley of the grid, but will greatly reduce the amount of energy you use from the city, and will pay for themselves in the long run.

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